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March 2023 Wedding Spotlight

The wedding spotlight from March 2023 is...Myranda and Lane. Man, this wedding kick started so much for me in so many ways and I am excited to share it with you!

PRO TIP: Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

I have decided to share my biggest takeaway from each of these weddings I am choosing because I am always learning about myself and how I want to approach my style of filmmaking and photography. The Pro Tip for this entry is "Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone". Let me explain. Before Myranda and Lane's wedding, I had been thinking about how to incorporate more Super 8 into my films because I was really falling in love with the level of nostalgia that it brings. I even was thinking about if I could offer a collection that was ONLY Super 8 (I mean that in and of itself was a scary thought for someone who is always going back through footage to ensure I got what I wanted). But anyways, when Myranda reached out, she mentioned that they love all things vintage and that they would even be interested in a solely Super 8 wedding film if I would offer it. I can't even begin to explain the level of excitement I felt when I read her inquiry. I knew I would do whatever it took to get their wedding on my calendar. To cut that part short, I filmed their wedding and it was the most amazing experience. I ended up doing my first wedding where the couple ACTUALLY WANTED as much Super 8 as possible.

**Side note: Up until this point, I had been adding the Super 8 in on my own dime mostly so I could build my brand around it, so the fact that they actually wanted it meant that all the free Super 8 I filmed in 2022 paid off.

I ended up creating a 4K digital and Super 8 mix film for them as well as a full Super 8 Film with all the footage I captured. It was the first solely Super 8 film I had created and it gave me so much life. I was much less worried about not being able to see what I had recorded than I thought I would be and all the footage came out perfectly. SO, all this to say that if I hadn't taken the leap of faith and went for it on the Super 8 front, I wouldn't have learned a few things:

1) how to juggle shooting with a digital camera and a film camera at the same time (DM me if you are struggling with that, I have some tips) because this is primarily how I shoot every wedding now if I don't have a second shooter

2) how much super 8 film I need to capture the fullness of a wedding on film / what kind of film to use in different light scenarios and tricks around changing those out (a future blog post on super 8 stuff later)

3)that I can create a super 8 wedding film that is BOMB, if I can say so myself.

4) that adventure sessions are worth it. They were my first wedding that had an adventure session, super 8 and digital input that I felt was done seamlessly. The way it adds to the films is so perfect in showing their love. Link to adventure session short here

Stepping out of our comfort zones as creatives is how we evolve and find our niches. My niche will always be super 8, even if it goes out of trend. It genuinely is my favorite part of every film I make. So thank you Myranda and Lane for believing in that dream and helping me bring my vision to life. Here are their films for reference!

Full Super 8 Film

Digital 4K + Super 8 Mix Film


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