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April 2023 Wedding Spotlight

Mason and I just sat here and watched their film while munching on some butter pecan ice cream and I just felt transported back to their wedding weekend. Taking a moment to reflect on each of these weddings so fas has been so powerful for me for many reasons. Firstly, it reminds me of how much I truly loved each of the weddings I shot (which makes it hard to just pick one each time). Mason and Karina are such real souls. They just fit together so well. It felt like they just always have existed as a pair with how naturally they moved together and with the energy they each brought into a space. It was truly special to capture. Second, it reminds me of all the work that goes into out of state weddings on my part. I had some flashbacks to the double flight that it took to get to St. George, Utah being newly pregnant and all the levels of nauseous; how nervous I was boarding that tiny plane hoping that my pelican case would in fact fit in the tiny upper compartment because there was no way I was going to check it (it did fit, thank you kind woman at the airport who assured me it wouldn't); how the rental car was parked in the airport parking lot and I was on a wild goose chase to find it at 11pm; how I spur of the moment cancelled my reservation at the hotel I had made because the reviews that I didn't read before booking mentioned rats and cockroaches, needless to say I ended up in a wonderful alternative with neither of the formerly mentioned guests; how Mason and Karins had shared "Flor" as one of their favorite bands and it became the soundtrack of my weekend; and how fun it was to find a gluten free bakery in town that had a gluten free donut! That might have been the highlight honestly. I also spent the first half of my day on Friday getting my hair colored because it had been too long and I never make time for it at home, so I met a stranger at a hair salon and let her do my hair -- it turned out fine. Anyways, now you know what I meant when I said I was taken aback-- a whole rush of memories I forgot I had. And I haven't even gotten to Mason and Karina in full yet. Here is their film for starters.

Mason and Karina got married at The Springs in Toquerville, Utah. Their venue was a quaint little space tucked into the side of a mountain that had breathtaking views of the Utah hills beyond. The night before the wedding we did their adventure session at a restaurant they always went to together and then to a hiking trail they had done before. It was a sweet moment for them to step away from the chaos and pressure of wedding planning and family and just breathe in each other before their big day. I was a little nervous about doing their adventure session so close to the wedding because I didn't want to add another thing to their list, but they were super grateful for the moment to escape and remember what really mattered : that they loved each other, and that they were about to commit to that truth for the rest of their lives.

Everything about their wedding day, from the details, to the florals, her dress, to the man bun, was perfection. It fit them so well. Their personality shone through every detail, such sweet innocent love and deep connection. I felt so welcome in their midst and with everyone who attended their wedding, which felt good when you're missing home.

Now it's time for the Pro Tip I learned from this wedding!

PRO TIP: observe your surroundings like you are the camera.

Let me explain. If you notice in the film, right behind the ceremony arch where they would all be standing and speaking from is a waterfall. Throughout the day, I hadn't noticed it because the ambience of the running water felt normal and welcoming with their venue being so nature oriented. It wasn't until I was getting some detail shots of the ceremony space that I began to notice how loud the roaring water actually was. I knew my mics were good, but nothing was going to block out that sound with it being less than 5 feet from them. I quickly found the venue manager and asked if it could be turned off for the ceremony and they were able to accommodate. I am SO glad I made that call. It would have made hearing their vows harder for the audience, and a lot of post audio work in the studio for me. I don't like to mess with audio too much because the last thing you want is to listen to yourself talk in your wedding film year after year and feel like it doesn't sound like you. If I hadn't thought to turn off the waterfall, my cameras would have also picked up the noise making the ambient noise I could use from laughter / cheering a little wonky. So, when you are observing your surroundings, notice the noise. It makes a difference.

BONUS TIP: This is a complete side note, but I strongly recommend listening to the music your couple likes on the way to their wedding. It puts you in the mood to feel how they feel, which will make your capturing so much more authentic to your couple.

All in all, this was the only travel wedding I did in 2023 (outside of CO that is) and it was such a blast. I am headed to Moab this summer of 2024 and I am excited to be back!


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